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Last Updated09/11/2023

Are you interested in the ElevenLabs Affiliate Program? Our comprehensive guide covers everything from commission details and ideal affiliates for the program to the product details and it's target audience, along with creative promotion strategies. So, let's dive in and explore what this program has to offer.

Program Details

ElevenLabs Affiliate Program at a Glance

The ElevenLabs Affiliate Program enables you to earn commissions by promoting ElevenLabs products, with a generous 22% commission on all payments from referrals during the first year of the subscription. Notably, there are no earning limits. Moreover, there is a minimum payout threshold of $5, ensuring you receive your earnings promptly.

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Digital Service

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22% commission for a year

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90 Days

Ideal Affiliates for the ElevenLabs Affiliate Program

Let see who are well-suited for the ElevenLabs Affiliate Program and can greatly benefit from it,

  • Affiliate Marketers: Affiliate marketers can excel as ideal partners for the ElevenLabs Affiliate Program. With your expertise in online promotion and marketing, you can effectively reach a broad audience and attract potential customers to ElevenLabs' AI-driven text-to-speech and voice cloning solution. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn commissions for driving successful referrals to the platform.
  • Technology Bloggers: If you run a technology blog or website, you are an excellent fit for the ElevenLabs Affiliate Program. Your audience is likely interested in cutting-edge AI technology, making it easier to promote ElevenLabs. Share the product's features and benefits on your platform, and earn commissions for each referral that results in a subscription.
  • Multimedia Content Creators: Multimedia content creators, such as YouTubers and podcasters, can effectively promote ElevenLabs. You can create in-depth reviews, tutorials, or demonstrations showcasing how this AI text-to-speech and voice cloning technology enhances multimedia content. Your followers, who value high-quality audio, are potential customers, and you can earn commissions by referring them to ElevenLabs.
  • Social Media Influencers: Social media influencers with a substantial following can leverage their reach to promote ElevenLabs. Use your platforms to highlight the product's benefits and capabilities, targeting an audience interested in AI-driven technology. Through affiliate marketing, you can monetize your influence and earn commissions on successful referrals.
  • Educational Websites: If you manage an educational website or platform, consider partnering with ElevenLabs. You can inform educators and students about how this technology can enhance learning materials and e-learning experiences. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn commissions as educational institutions and individuals subscribe to ElevenLabs.

If you don't see yourself in these categories but have a passion for their product or service and a desire to share it with others, you're a great fit for this program too.

Product Details

What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs - Generative AI Text to Speech & Voice Cloning is an innovative platform that specializes in AI-driven text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies. It offers a wide range of features that enable users to generate high-quality spoken audio in multiple languages, styles, and voices. This product is a powerful tool for content creators, storytellers, game developers, audiobook producers, and anyone seeking lifelike voiceovers or natural-sounding AI-generated voices. It provides an advanced AI text-to-speech solution with a focus on delivering authentic human intonation and inflections based on context.

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Digital Service

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Key Features of ElevenLabs

The key features of ElevenLabs include the ability to create lifelike voiceovers, generate AI character voices, and even clone their own voice. It supports an impressive array of 29 languages and 120 voices, allowing for versatile and engaging audio content creation. Users can fine-tune the voice outputs through an intuitive interface, making it suitable for a variety of applications, from audiobooks to video games. The platform also offers an online text reader, enabling the conversion of text into audio across various formats, saving time and costs.

Ideal target audiences for ElevenLabs

The target audience for ElevenLabs encompasses a wide range of users, including content creators, authors, podcasters, and game developers looking to elevate their audio experiences. It's also a valuable tool for AI enthusiasts and individuals seeking to engage with text-to-speech technology for various purposes. With its diverse language and voice support, ElevenLabs caters to an international user base, making it accessible to a wide range of content producers and storytellers seeking the highest quality text-to-speech and voice cloning solutions.

Creative Ideas to promote ElevenLabs

Here's a list of AI Generated creative strategies that includes affiliate tips to help you effectively promote ElevenLabs and boost your affiliate earnings,

  • Narrate Multilingual Content: Promote ElevenLabs by highlighting its ability to narrate content in multiple languages. Create video content or blog posts demonstrating how users can reach a global audience by using the text to speech feature in various languages. Include your affiliate link in the description.
  • AI-Enhanced Audiobooks: Showcase ElevenLabs as a tool to enhance audiobooks with AI-generated voices. Discuss how authors and publishers can use it to create engaging audio versions of books. Create a blog post or YouTube video on this topic and include your affiliate link.
  • Interactive Storytelling: Encourage interactive storytelling using ElevenLabs. Develop interactive stories or games and emphasize how AI-generated voices can make the narrative more engaging. Share this concept on social media, and include your affiliate link.
  • Voice Cloning for Podcasts: Highlight the use of ElevenLabs for voice cloning in podcasts. Explain how podcasters can use it to create unique character voices or improve the podcast experience. Create a podcast episode discussing this and share your affiliate link in the show notes.
  • Voiceover for YouTube Videos: Emphasize how ElevenLabs can enhance the quality of YouTube videos with AI-generated voiceovers. Create a tutorial video on using the platform for voiceovers, and include your affiliate link in the video description.
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots: Discuss the use of ElevenLabs for creating voice-enabled chatbots that provide a more natural and engaging user experience. Write a blog post about this and include your affiliate link.
  • Educational Audio Content: Promote ElevenLabs for educational purposes. Create educational content like language learning modules, and demonstrate how AI-generated voices can aid in learning. Share this content on educational platforms, with your affiliate link for sign-ups.
  • Video Game Narration: Highlight the role of ElevenLabs in enhancing video game narration and character voices. Create content or tutorials for game developers and gamers, and include your affiliate link.
  • Voiceovers for E-Learning: Showcase how ElevenLabs can improve e-learning materials with lifelike voiceovers. Create a case study or success story and share it on e-learning forums, along with your affiliate link.
  • Voice Cloning for Accessibility: Highlight how ElevenLabs can be used to improve accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Create content or guides focused on this aspect, and include your affiliate link.
  • AI-Enhanced Product Reviews: Create AI-enhanced product review videos or blog posts using ElevenLabs. Explain how AI-generated voices can add a unique touch to product reviews. Include your affiliate link for product purchases.
  • Multilingual Social Media Posts: Promote ElevenLabs by creating multilingual social media posts or stories. Show how users can use the platform to reach a diverse audience. Include your affiliate link in the posts or stories.
  • AI Voice Cloning Demos: Offer live demonstrations of ElevenLabs' AI voice cloning capabilities on platforms like Twitch or YouTube Live. Engage with your audience and provide insights on how to use the tool effectively. Share your affiliate link during the live stream.
  • Guest Blogging on AI and Content Creation: Write guest blog posts for AI and content creation websites, discussing the role of AI in voice generation. Include references to ElevenLabs and your affiliate link in the content.

To successfully promote ElevenLabs, it's essential that, as an affiliate, you have a genuine interest in ElevenLabs and a strong understanding of how it can benefit your audience. Focus on demonstrating how ElevenLabs solves real issues and improves the lives of the people you're reaching out to. Customize your strategy to align with their specific needs and goals. Don't hesitate to explore various creative ideas to determine what works best for your target audience.

NOTE: You should always take the time to thoroughly review the program's terms and conditions, as well as any updates or changes provided by ElevenLabs. This ensures compliance with the rules and maximizes the potential to earn commissions through the program.