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Last Updated03/11/2023

Are you interested in the Affiliate Program? Our comprehensive guide covers everything from commission details and ideal affiliates for the program to the product details and it's target audience, along with creative promotion strategies. So, let's dive in and explore what this program has to offer.

Program Details Affiliate Program at a Glance

The Affiliate Program offers affiliates the opportunity to earn a 10% commission on every referral for the lifetime of the referred client's account subscription. The program is designed for a wide range of marketing enthusiasts, from agencies and entrepreneurs to in-house marketers and publishers.

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Digital Service

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Post Affiliate Pro


10% commission

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90 Days

Ideal Affiliates for the Affiliate Program

Let see who are well-suited for the Affiliate Program and can greatly benefit from it,

  • Bloggers: If you're a blogger in the marketing or business niche, you can benefit from the Affiliate Program. Promote's sales automation and prospecting data platform to your audience and earn a 10% commission on every referral. Your readers and followers can enhance their marketing efforts and connect with their target customers more effectively through this platform.
  • Content Creators: Content creators, whether on YouTube, podcasts, or other platforms, can leverage the Affiliate Program. Introduce your audience to's B2C prospecting data and AI-powered sales automation, helping them improve their marketing performance. With your unique affiliate link, you can generate recurring income as your viewers and listeners explore this valuable tool.
  • Affiliate Marketers: As an affiliate marketer, the Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity. Promote the platform's capabilities to locate and connect with target customers efficiently. Whether you specialize in email marketing, ad retargeting, or automation tools, your audience can benefit from, and you can earn a 10% commission on referrals.
  • In-house Marketers: In-house marketers can boost their income by participating in the Affiliate Program. Share the benefits of with your company or clients, enhancing their lead capture rates and reducing acquisition costs. By using your unique affiliate link, you can earn commissions on every successful referral and add value to your marketing efforts.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can tap into their network and promote's chatbot marketing capabilities through various channels. This affiliate program provides an opportunity to generate recurring income while offering a valuable tool to fellow entrepreneurs, helping them supercharge their outreach and streamline sales efforts.

If you don't see yourself in these categories but have a passion for their product or service and a desire to share it with others, you're a great fit for this program too.

Product Details

What is is a versatile sales automation and prospecting data platform that caters to the needs of B2C business owners and marketers. Its primary goal is to help businesses efficiently locate and connect with their target customers while maintaining a cost-effective approach. By harnessing B2C prospecting data and AI-powered sales outreach automation, empowers users to enhance their marketing performance throughout the entire sales funnel. Banner Image at a Glance

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Digital Service social media Links

Key Features of boasts a range of features, including the ability to accelerate email list growth, expand ad retargeting audiences without relying on tracking cookies and pixels, and directly identify ideal customers based on demographic and interest-based criteria. It also facilitates the creation of hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns, improves engagement through AI-driven tools, and enriches leads with valuable data. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with marketing automation platforms and provides in-depth visitor analytics for informed decision-making.

Ideal target audiences for

The product is designed for a broad audience, encompassing B2C business owners and marketers of all sizes. Those seeking to supercharge their outreach efforts, increase lead capture rates, and reduce acquisition costs will find value in It is an indispensable tool for businesses looking to tap into the vast potential of B2C prospecting data and streamline their sales outreach efforts with automation.

Creative Ideas to promote

Here's a list of AI Generated creative strategies that includes affiliate tips to help you effectively promote and boost your affiliate earnings,

  • Webinar Series on Sales Automation: Host a webinar series discussing the benefits of sales automation and how can help businesses. Share your affiliate link during the webinars to drive sign-ups.
  • Case Study Showcase: Create in-depth case studies showcasing how has benefited real businesses. Encourage viewers to explore the platform through your affiliate link for similar results.
  • Email Marketing Workshop: Offer an email marketing workshop, demonstrating the power of AI-generated, hyper-personalized email marketing using Promote the platform through your affiliate link.
  • Industry-specific Blog Posts: Write blog posts targeting specific B2C industries and how can address their unique needs. Include your affiliate link for readers to learn more.
  • YouTube Video Tutorials: Create video tutorials showcasing how to use's features effectively. Embed your affiliate link in the video description and annotations.
  • Email Newsletter Promotion: Include information about and its benefits in your email newsletters to your subscribers. Use your affiliate link to direct them to the platform.
  • Podcast Interviews: Guest on marketing-related podcasts and discuss the advantages of sales automation with Share your affiliate link with the podcast audience.
  • Comparison Reviews: Create comparison reviews between and other sales automation tools. Highlight its unique features and include your affiliate link for referrals.
  • Infographics on Marketing Stats: Design infographics showcasing compelling marketing statistics and how contributes to success. Add your affiliate link for those seeking more information.
  • LinkedIn Thought Leadership: Establish yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn by posting informative content about B2C prospecting and sales automation. Share your affiliate link for interested connections.
  • Guest Blogging on Marketing Sites: Write guest posts for marketing-related websites, and within the content, discuss the role of Include your affiliate link for readers to explore further.
  • Video Testimonials: Collect and share video testimonials from satisfied users. These authentic recommendations can be a powerful way to drive conversions through your affiliate link.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Create interactive quizzes that help businesses determine if they need sales automation. Include as a solution in the results and direct participants through your affiliate link.
  • Email Signature Promotion: Add a brief promotional message and your affiliate link to your email signature. Every email you send becomes an opportunity to introduce
  • Social Media Live Demos: Host live demonstrations on social media platforms showcasing the use of Encourage viewers to explore the platform through your affiliate link.

To successfully promote, it's essential that, as an affiliate, you have a genuine interest in and a strong understanding of how it can benefit your audience. Focus on demonstrating how solves real issues and improves the lives of the people you're reaching out to. Customize your strategy to align with their specific needs and goals. Don't hesitate to explore various creative ideas to determine what works best for your target audience.

NOTE: You should always take the time to thoroughly review the program's terms and conditions, as well as any updates or changes provided by This ensures compliance with the rules and maximizes the potential to earn commissions through the program.